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March 28, 2011

The world has lost a truly beautiful person today!
Dimitrina (Dimi) past away after long battle with breast cancer!
Her loving spirit will live on in all of us and her memory will never be forgotten!

Thank you friends for your support! It has really helped and Dimi truly did appreciate it!

You gave her a little more peace and love in her final days on earth!
Thank you and God bless you!

Dec 20, 2010

Dear members,

A young Bulgarian mother Dimitrina I. Dimitrova needs our urgent help to be able to continue receiving cancer treatment.

She was 34 when she had her son.A month after the baby was born she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She has been taking care of her son and fighting cancer at the same time for the last six year. She has a strong spirit and desire to heal, but the treatments are very expansive for her family.
For more information about her medical status click here >>

We have initiated this urgent fundraising campaign to help raise money so she can continue her treatment, and we urge you to give whatever you can as soon as possible. Please remember that no donation is too small.

If you would like to contribute to our campaign, you can make your payment by credit card through PayPal from the following link.

Darik radio supports the campaign:

To make a donation by credit card using PayPal please click here:

Because of the mother's current urgent health condition, we heavily depend on you and your networks to reach more people who may donate in a short period of time to reach the desired goal. We need to collect minimum $10 000.

You can make a single donation by bank transfer
Dimitrina Ivanova Dimitrova
Allianz Bank Bulgaria
LEVA BG72BUIN95611000053790
EUR BG15STSA93000019200582
USD BG95STSD93000019200597

The amount raised by March 18, 2011: $2 075

Thank you so much for you generosity!

Viktoria Dimova, Violeta Jeliazkova, Sevdalina Dimitrova, Dinka Zarkova, Denka Hikova

With the support of the Bulgarian-American Center Madara, Boston, MA

For more information: or 617-800-9720