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Irina Gotcheva, Centre-Stage Ltd and
Bulgarian-American Center Madara present


One of the most loved and popular Bulgarian duets is visiting

23 cities in Canada and the USA, to celebrate

the anniversary of the Duo’s 30 year on stage

SATURDAY, APRIL 20, 2013 from 7:00 pm

ADDRESS: The Auditorium of Guerin
College Preparatory-High School
8001 Belmont Ave, River Grove, IL
Free parking

Tickets: $30 advance, $35 at the door
$15 kids 12-18, under 12 -free

You can buy tickets online here
Select ticket price from the menu *
* online sale include paypal service fee

You can buy tickets with no fee from the
Bulgarian Stores "SERDIKA" and

For tickets sales and more information:
call: 224-392-4445 or email: irinapg@yahoo.com

tour dates on www.BGfocus.com

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"Грандиозен музикален маратон на Кристина Димитрова и Орлин Горанов през Америка (Аудио и Видео), в-к България сега
Интервюто с Орлин Горанов и Кристина Димитрова може да прочетете тук >>


Orlyn Goranov and Kristina Dimitrova,
one of the most loved and popular bulgarian duets.

Mr. Orlyn Goranov is known as one of the most talented and elegant singers in the last 35 years, here in Bulgaria, who during his peak of his career of famous pop singer, he graduated attorney of opera singing in the Bulgarian Music Academy in 1990. And he is the single star known in pop as well as in opera music here in our country. More than 35 years, he has three solo pop albums, a big number of recordings with many of his colleagues from all music genres, also he plays all main tenor roles from the opera repertoire, he has win many international festivals, has taken part in many radio and tv programs with world famous artists and conductors, and also has regular tours round the world, including the United States of America.

His career starts with I award of The Youth Festival in Sofia in 1978. Twice has won the big award of "The Golden Orpheus" in 1984 and 1999. He is on full-time job at the National Opera and Ballet, also soloist at Plovdiv Opera, from 1990 we works also in Fridrihshtat Pallace, Berlin, soloist at Berlin Philharmonic. And from 2005 he works with "Theatro Lirico Europe" and has regular tours across Europe and also has more than 450 opera spectacles in the United States.

Bright star on the pop and opera stage, Orlyn Goranov has own style, formed of different musis genres such as jazz and pop, musical, operetta, cantantas and oratorios music and he is unique presence in our music.

His song "The world is for two" is in the top ten of Bulgaria of the past century. He is the winner of the award for live time achievement of "MMTV", also has the award "BG Inspirator" of BG Radio awards, the winner of the award for bright, top achievement in music and dance presentation "Crystal Lyra" of the Union of the Bulgarian music and dance activists for his music activity in 2011-2012. Also has order "Peter the Great" I degree for special merit, also honorary citizen of his own town, academician of the Bulgarian Academy of Science and Arts.
He is socially active citizen, supporting causes and campaigns of significance for society. In 2009 he became a member of the Orden of the Knights Templar. He played the very memorable role of the Bulgarian president in the Bulgarian big screen movie "Mission London" in 2010. After that he took part in two bg tv series. And he has invitations to play on the theatre stage also.
He is part of the jury in many music festivals in Bulgaria and also abroad. He is an artist with world significance.

Ms. Kristina Dimitrova is one of the discoveries of the bg pop music during the 80-ties.
She graduated Pop class in the National Music Academy in Stefan Atanasov's class in 1981. She worked as a solo singer with the orchestra "Feroton" ( Toncho Rusev, art director), "Spaktar", "Metronom"(Panayot Slavchev, conductor), "Sofia"(Dimitur Simeonov, conductor) and "Dinamit Bras Band". Yet in the begging of her career she starts intensive recordings and till now she has 8 albums.
She is very attractive on stage and she presents her songs on bg stage , also at international festivals, such as "The Youth Festival of Pop Songs", "Bourgas and the sea" and "The Golden Orpeus". Takes part in many festival and has many awards.
She took part in the international festival in Sopot, Poland in 1986 ( she took diplom for the municipality of Sopot and award from the music journalists), also took award from I Festival "Peace, Songs and Tourism" in Tbilisi, Georgia in the same year.
Also has award from "Gaston" Festival in Managua, Nicaragua, has two first awards of the audience of the Festival "Burgas and the sea" , II award of the international Festival "The Golden Orpheus", also and III award for her duet with George Stanchev, and her duet with Vasil Petrov "Like stamp and a letter" has II award from the festival "Burgas and the sea" for the lyrics of the song, written by Ivan Tenev.
Her concerts include Russia, Germany, Poland, Germany, Greece, The United Kingdom, France, also Cuba, Nicaragua, Italy, Cypress, Syria, Algeria, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, USA.
In Russia she receives the order of "Ekaterina the great" for special merit.
From 2012 she is also a member correspondent of the Bulgarian Academy of Science and Arts.
Charming and positive, she support causes, such as "Against women violence", "Fighting Breast cancer", the campaign "Look at the child", also for disadvantaged children and many other social campaigns.

From 1983 her duet with Orlyn Goranov became very famous. One of their first songs "Child dream" wins first award of the audience in 1987 and the song "By date" is pronounced for the melody of the year in Bulgaria.
The duet has rich recording and concert history.
Together, they have 7 albums, two "The Best", together they have 100 songs.
Together they have three duet albums, two best albums, and have 100 songs together. All their songs are written specially for them, written by the best Bulgarian composers and poets and so their songs turned into symbol for certain bulgarian generations of people because of their recognizable melody and poetry, who touch the people deep feelings such as love and friendship. Their hit duet song wins many awards and all tops of the charts. And in 2012 they won award of the festival "Golden Spring" of the Bulgarian National Radio, for most successful creative duet for whole 30 years together on stage.

Sweethearts of the audience, they have applauses from many international festivals and they are worthy ambassadors of the Bulgarian contemporary music culture. In 1988 they won first award in Nicaragua and is a start form them to take part in many international radio and tv programs, festivals and tours. They have traveled across Europe, Russia, Latin America, Arabian Peninsula, The United States and in Canada.

Kristina Dimitrova and Orlyn Goranov are one of the most loved Bulgarian duets. 2012 marks their 30 anniversary on stage, and their songs has formed many emotions in the soul of the audience with beautiful music and unforgettable stage appearance.

And so for their anniversary they made a present for their fans, jubilee disc in two parts "The Best". The two together has 40 golden compositions such as the favorites of many generations "Child Dream", "By Date", "Plus and minus", "Sand in your hand", "If you're in love", "Me and You", "Million and one". Their jubilee concert was presented in Sofia, Varna, Rouse, Haskovo, Stara Zagora and Blagoevgrad, the biggest towns in Bg.
The music critics claimed them as one of the most successful duet and their creativity is called also harmony.
Their contribution for the developing of the Bulgarian music is very big and their duet is very valuable as national treasure.


Todor Ialamov

Vasil Nenkov

David Flashenberg