Press Coverage on journalist and author Plamen Petkov : his documentary sequel and book The Bulgarians / “Българите” and other works.

TRUD, Newspaper:
The Bulgarians/ Българите are coming!
“On the first day of next week a unique book is coming on the market. The Bulgarians – the TV sequel managed to attract viewers who were never before interested in history and national identity. With his documentary films, Plamen Petkov managed to change our concept of the ancient past. The book now will surprise you not only with amazing facts, but exciting and breath-taking stories from the crew’s amazing journey through the far-away and often dangerous lands of Caucasia, Altai and Tjanshan mountains, the Black, Azov, Aral, and Caspian Seas.”

24 Hours, Newspaper:
Plamen Petkov traveled 30,000 kilometers to film the places we originated from.
“History books quote 17 different hypothesis on the origin of the Bulgarian nation. No one to this point had toured the regions, quoted as our possible homeland. Plamen Petkov and his crew are the first ones to overtake this task, visiting the sites and exploring the theories. This is undoubtedly why historians and scientists from different countries have expressed interest in the results from this journey”.

Novinar, Newspaper:
            Khan Asparuh came with one million Bulgarians
            “On Feb 14th bTV is launching the unique documentary sequel The Bulgarians/ Bulgarite by Plamen Petkov. In search of the ancient homeland, his crew traveled by car the full distance from Bulgaria to Afganistan, passing a total of 30,000km.”

STANDART, Newspaper
Over 30,000 DVDs with 'The Bulgarians' Sold out in 3 Hours
One hundred and sixty-six copies of the sequel The Bulgarians, issued by Standart, were sold every single second yesterday morning. The movie was released on a DVD with the Standart. The 30,000 copies of the Standart with the first series of The Bulgarians stirred up a huge interest. All the copies were sold out in less than three hours.
Because of the huge interest towards the first series, the Standart will release additional copies of the DVD with the Monday's edition of the newspaper. Every Tuesday, the readers of the Standart who are interested in the history of the proto-Bulgarians will have the chance to buy the latest movie from the sequel of the journalist Plamen Petkov and his team. The Standart offers to its readers the ten series of Plamen Petkov's breathtaking journey to the East in the search of the roots of the Bulgarian nation.



The Liberators of Bulgaria (2008)
Standart News Publishing, 2008. A follow up to the documentary The Liberators of Bulgaria offers additional historical facts, evidence and analysis of the period and the people who contributed to the liberation of Bulgaria from the Ottomans.

The Bulgarians (2007)
Trud Publishing House, 2007
Based on the documentary, the book expands on the findings and offers new details, documents and evidence. The first print of the book was sold in two weeks and the book was on the top-selling list of major booksellers for three subsequent months: Dec 2007 to March 2008. Currently The Bulgarians is in fifth edition. The book was reprinted six times (including an edition published by Readers Digest, as well as a leather bound edition for the “golden 500” books of TRUD Publishing Company.



The Liberators of Bulgaria (2008)
            Dedicated to the Liberation of Bulgaria from the Ottoman empire, the film explores the role of the American journalist Januarius MacGahan and of Russian Emperor Alexander II of the liberation of Bulgaria in 1878.  The Liberators of Bulgaria has been presented with great success to audiences in New York, Boston, San Francisco, Atlanta, Minneapolis, San Diego, and others. In May 2010 the film won the Award for Best Historical Documentary, at the Festival for Bulgarian Archeological and Historical Documentaries in Sofia.
The Bulgarians (2007)      
            A 30 000 km journey by car from Bulgaria to Caucasia, Siberia, Altai, China, Mongolia and Afghanistan in search of the origins of the Bulgarian people. Based on facts and in-depth archeological and historical research, the sequel set a brand new view on the origin of the Bulgarians. Aired on the largest national broadcaster, bTV, the film attracted huge audience and provoked the interest of the whole nation toward history. Following its success on TV, the film was produced on DVD and sold close  to 500,000 copies, a record in DVD sales for Bulgaria.

The Replacement on the 10-th (2004)
            The documentary explores the first 15 years of the transition period after the fall of the totalitarian communist regime in Bulgaria in 1989. Aired on bTV. The film was rated among the Top 10 TV programs of the year and won an international film award.

Other Documentaries:
Bird Flu (2006), The secrets of the World War II (2005), The Floods (2005), India through the Window (2004), Tales from Olden Times (2003), The Goddess Bastet (2002)



I. 3-th Film Festival for Bulgarian Archeological and Historical Documentaries:
IAward for the best historical documentary for “The liberators of Bulgaria”,
Sofia, May 2010
II. City of Vidin, Bulgaria
Award received for “The Bulgarians”, May 2007
III. Djado Jotso
Annual award for outstanding achievement of national importance, 2007
IV. International Film Festival Balfest
Special Award of the Jury for “The Replacement of the 10-th” 2005
V. Finalist, Chernorizetz Hrabar annual journalism awards for documentary (2005)
VI. Doctor of Mass Communications Honoris Causa for Outstanding Contribution to the Mass communications, February, 2004